Anita Eglitis

Hi there! I'm a macroeconomist, a tech investor, a thinker and writer, an entrepreneur and a tech developer.

I’ve worked as an adviser and senior executive in both the private and public sectors (including the Commonwealth Treasury), in sectors spanning macroeconomic policy, investment banking, venture capital, infrastructure and tech.

As an entrepreneur, I was a cofounder and CEO of an immensely innovative, successful and profitable eGovernment tech startup, administering huge grant programs (all in excess of $100m) on behalf of the Australian Federal government its first major eGovernment software-as-a-service contract.

In every professional role, my primary focus has been to drive huge improvements to governance, transparency and integrity (which are values that are core to who I am).

My university quals include an MA in Economics from Cambridge University, and I've studied law, engineering, physics & geoscience, demography and statistics at universities in Sydney and Melbourne. Many years ago I wrote a postgraduate research paper on the constitutional law of First Nations' land rights (through Melbourne University's Faculty of Law) and another on the effective control of greenhouse gas emissions (through the Engineering Faculty).

Currently I run my own investment and tech development businesses. My company,, manages portfolios of tech stocks listed on US & Asian markets, provides advanced investment support services to affiliated companies and is developing its own tech products at the interface of AI with fintech, healthtech & clean energy.

Science and tech have been immensely interesting to me for as long as I can remember. Every area of tech - from fintech to healthtech, clean energy and robotics - has the capacity to radically transform our world for the better, so long as good people from diverse backgrounds are the ones deeply engaged in funding, building and leading that tech. To that end, I've been a judge for the Women in AI Awards in the Asia Pacific region and I'm a passionate supporter diversity in science, engineering and maths.

I’m also keenly interested in economics, politics, law, history, philosophy, music, literature, poetry, theatre and film. I read very widely and follow global affairs on a daily basis. Issues such as social justice and equity matter to me, and I'm an ardent advocate for the types of structural and economic change required to address the world's many inequities and injustices and to prevent ecological and enviromental destruction.

And I love to read, think, write, learn, talk, code, play the piano, watch movies, walk, run, cycle, fly a drone, paddle a kayak, swim, bask in the sun, hike in nature and hug my friends.

If you'd like to talk, you can find me on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter).

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